Nature park "Lonjsko polje"

Lonjsko polje is a part of a valley between the river Sava and Moslavačka Mountain next to the river Lonja, approximately 30 km away from the town of Sisak. This is the largest protected flooded area not only in Croatia but along the entire Danube. Rich flora and fauna as well as architecture of traditional wooden houses in Posavina, which are a true cultural monument due to their beauty, perseverance and number, characterize this area. Several areas within the Nature Park (ornithological reservation Krapje Đol) are under strict protection regime. Swamp meadows, forests of ash, willow and poplar are important for nesting of ducks, while in the flooded oak forests and meadows of Lonjsko Polje one can see rare European animals (white-tailed eagle and short-toed eagle, gray heron and little egret, black stork and other). One of the largest carp spawning places in Europe takes place in this flooded area where high water remains for up to six months in a year.



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